Messinian Spa Face&Body Scrub

Hi beauty,
Today I am back with another review for the Messinian Spa body and face scrub. Messinian Spa is a greek company and it’s really popular here in Greece. The company has a huge line of products like shampoos, body lotions, eye creams, face creams etc.. They are using natural ingredients and all of them are coming from the greek nature like extra vigrin olive oil, honey, tea, dittany, oregano etc.

**I’ve been using this product in my shower, so the packaging is not in it’s best


I absolutely love this product. It’s a really soft scrub which deeply cleanses your skin. I have really sensitive skin with rosacea so I try to use specific products and ingredients in my skin. What I love in this product is the feeling it leaves behind. My skin feels clean, fresh and hydrated. When I use it on my body I don’t need to use body lotion afterwards.

I tend to use different scrubs for face and body, because body scrubs are stronger and my face can’t stand them and i break down. This scrubs works like a charm on my face, better than other face scrubs I’ve used lately.

If you’re searching for a natural scrub, then this is your choice. You will love it as much as i do. I definately want to try more products from this company.


Have you ever tried any greek company or product? What’s your opinion on messinian spa?

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